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The Jumpman – One of the Most recognized symbols in the world

For over 20 years, the Jumpman symbol has been the logo of the Air Jordan shoes. Besides being the logo for Air Jordan sneakers, the Jumpman symbol is also the logo used by Jordan Brand to sell everything from sneakers to shirts, hats, socks, wrist bands, backpacks and everything else. The Jumpman symbol is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. The Jumpman logo is actually a silhouette of one of Michael Jordan’s photo shoots used to promote the Air Jordan I.

The Original Air Jordan Logo


The Jumpman is not the first Air Jordan Symbol. The first Air Jordan symbol was the Wings logo created by Peter Moore. The original Air Jordan logo featured a basketball with wings lifting it. It was used on the Air Jordan I and the Air Jordan II.

The Jumpman Symbol

The Air Jordan logo was created for the Air Jordan III in 1988. At this time, Peter Moore, the lead designer for the Air Jordan I and Air Jordan II had left Nike and was replaced by Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield was inspired by a sketch that Peter Moore had done based on one of Michael Jordan’s photo shoots. Hatfield incorporated the sketch into the Air Jordan III and the Jumpman symbol became the signature logo for all future Air Jordan sneakers.

The Photo Shoot image


The photo shoot image was featured on the hang tags of the original Air Jordan I’s in 1985 but was never used as the actual logo for Air Jordan sneakers. The Wings logo was used instead.

Ballet Move

Most people think that the Jumpman is based on a Michael Jordan dunk. The image on the Air Jordan logo is not of Michael Jordan dunking, as the image suggests. But in actuality, it is based on a ballet move. Michael simply stood on the floor, jumped up while holding a ball in his left hand and spread his legs. The picture of the pose was taken and it eventually became the Jumpman logo.

The inspiration for the Photo Shoot

The inspiration for the photo shoot image came from a Life magazine image that Michael Jordan had taken for the 1984 Olympics. This Olympics image was re-used by Nike to promote the Air Jordan I.

life-magazine-original-jumpman-inspiration michael-jordan-jumpman-photo-shoot-animation

The Jumpman Logo is used for the Jordan Brand

It soon becomes evident that the Jumpman logo was strong enough to stand on its own. Some Air Jordan models were soon released with only the Jumpman symbol and none of Nike’s other trademark symbols such as the Swoosh or the NIKE name. Using Michael Jordan and the Jumpman symbol as the foundation, Nike decided to create the Jordan Brand. The Jordan Brand is now a multi-million dollar company represented by premiere athletes in various sports.

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